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Setup development environment

To launch unittest you have to get an odoo instance running, however as far as I know from odoo launcher you can’t run test from files that are not part of an odoo module.

So let’s use nose with the anybox.recipe.odoo:

# create a python virtualenv with no pip/setuptools
virtualenv -p python2 odoo-sandbox --no-setuptools
# clone odoo-report-testing repo
git clone
cd odoo-report-testing
# setup buildout
# setup project according the choosen buildout.cfg
bin/buildout -c buildout.cfg
# create an empty pg database
createdb ort
# setup ort database with odoo base module
bin/start_odoo -d ort --stop-after-int -i base
# launch unittest test of odoo report testing
bin/nosetests -d ort -- -s -v odoo_report_testing/tests/