We are going to see in details what are dependencies then various way to install this library:

  • with pip
  • from code source
  • using a buildout configuration

External requirements

This library call compare from imagemagick to compare 2 (one page) pdf bit to bit. pdftk is used to split multi page pdf file into multiple single page pdf files.

To install those dependecies on a debian based system:

$ sudo aptitude install imagemagick pdftk

Install Odoo report testing

Using pip

The latest release pushed on pypi can be installed using pip:

pip install odoo-report-testing

Refer to the pip user guide for an advanced usage of pip!

Using anybox recipe odoo

Here a simple example of odoo 8 configuration:

parts = odoo
versions = versions
# Un-comment following 2 lines if you want to hack odoo report testing
# in your current project
# extensions = gp.vcsdevelop
# vcs-extend-develop = git+

recipe = anybox.recipe.odoo:server
version = git ocb 8.0-render_report_offline
addons = local my_addons

openerp_scripts = nosetests=nosetests command-line-options=-d

eggs =

psutil = 2.2.1
feedparser = 5.1.3
paramiko = 1.16.0
gevent = 1.0.2
pysftp = 0.2.8
wstools = 0.4.3